about me

This is me – Jana. The girl who loves taking photos, meeting new people and drinking coffee – I seriously LOVE coffee!


I started focussing on weddings in 2015 after I completed my BA Visual Communication degree.  This is basically a fancy description for someone who communicates using imagery, emotionally descriptive words, the entire Adobe colour range and a whole lot of hand gestures.


I find weddings the most sacred space to be in and I am ever so thankful to those who let me into this space to capture their treasured moments. My main goal: to give you decades of emotional strolls down memory lane. Isn’t it just the worst when you feel awkward in front of the camera and the photographer is even more awkward and you all end up being extremely awkward? This is why it’s super important to get to know and make sure you like me and what I do. After all, we’ll be spending a great amount of time together.


Although I call the vibrant Pretoria my home, I love travelling and exploring. Don’t hesitate to send me to any location – I promise we’ll get the best shots and have tons of fun while doing so!


PS: This image was taken by my amazing 2nd photographer, Shené. You’ll most likely meet and fall in love with her too. She’s a gem!