“God created the beauty, my camera and I are the witnesses.”



Soif de Vivre means ‘desire for life’  in French and directly reflects my view on photography.


While each person has a strong desire to be admired and loved, my desire is to capture those moments that are often overlooked – those small smiles of loved ones in the crowd, a mother wiping a tear from her cheek and the look of your new life partner while you walk through the cloud of confetti.

My name is Jana-Minette and I started my venture into the wedding photography industry in 2014 and have a deep love for all things wedding. Since I love natural light so much, it is my preferred style of photography. Natural light is the purest light available and has endless possibilities if used carefully and correctly. It is very important that clients resonate with my style, as we will be walking a long road together and will be making special memories.

I approach a wedding with a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ manner as I live for emotional moments. I enjoy the natural interaction and only direct where needed. The build-up of emotion before the ‘I Do’ motivate and inspire me to pay special attention to small details and efforts as these are often missed and forgotten.

Although I call the vibrant Pretoria my home, I love travelling and exploring. South Africa is home to so many wonderful places, all we need to do is go out and get lost. If I am not behind my camera taking pretty pictures, I am probably spending time illustrating or reading. Family is one of the most treasured aspects of my life so I regularly make time to spend with my loved ones.